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the small business types we work with

real small business marketing agency

  • E-commerce (internet stores of any kind)
  • Home services (cleaning, landscaping, roofing, plumbing, and HVAC)
  • Wellness (weight loss, yoga studios, gyms, SPA websites, coaches, salons, and fitness)
  • Finance (taxes, financial advisors, bookkeeping, accounting)
  • Automotive (car dealership websites)
  • Healthcare (medical, dental, etc.)
  • Real Estate
  • Law Firms 

the right process is a key

marketing fundamentials

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the first step of any marketing

a. how marketing strategy is made

How marketing strategy is made

If we want traffic in a niche, we need to know where the present leaders get it. To accomplish this, we identify them and thoroughly evaluate why they are leaders:

– Traffic channels: where they obtain it and why.
– Site structure, including sections, elements, and lead forms.
– All relevant keywords, which specific pages of the site receive search traffic for them and in what amount.
– SEO strategy – what guarantees their place in search traffic: outreach, purchase links, or other factors.
– Content strategy – what they do on their blogs and social networks.

Based on this, we develop our marketing strategy: we repeat our competitors’ best practices, as well as identify and improve on some of their faults.

correct priorities are the key

b. best traffic/leads channels for small businesses

Upon researching leaders in various types of small businesses (using analytical tools such as SimilarWeb), you find that Organic Search accounts for 70% to 95% of their total traffic (on average 80%). What is that?

That’s when your website appears (for free) when people search for your products or services online. The remaining 20% of the results come from anything else you find when searching Google for “small business marketing”, such as PPC (pay-per-click) advertising (Google and Facebook Ads), social media marketing, emails, etc. 

Once more (slowly) – 1 traffic channel (Organic) gives local business leaders a few times more then all the rest traffic channels together. That’s a great illustration of the Pareto principle, which states that 80% of outcomes come from 20% of causes.

does this traffic share (80% Organic VS 20% the rest) match your advertising budget?

We don’t think so. When you come to most marketers, they ask only 1 question: “what is your budget for advertising?”, because the easiest way to spend money on advertising is to start Google Ads / Facebook Ads right away, without working on conversion: not getting good reviews on the internet, not getting visibility and good rates on Google Profile, not having the right site structure, etc. Failure to execute all of these things significantly reduces website conversions, resulting in a lead/sale cost of $100 rather than $10 (of course, that’s just an example, your business may have other numbers).

what the leaders make differently

Consider the leaders in your Niche: what does the best hair salon (real estate agency, dental clinic, etc. – it doesn’t matter) in your district do in terms of marketing in another way?

All of the leaders have a good reputation (in most cases, they work hard to improve it!), a lot of mentions on the internet (in various directories, industry catalogs, and so on), and easy contact / order forms on their website (of course, their site is SEO-optimised). 

So, now that they’ve done all of this, even if they order PPC advertising like Google Ads (even if it’s only a small fraction of their traffic), their cost-per-lead will be considerably lower than the others because they’re prepared for any traffic.

our 1st plan, the best ROI

1. local seo

80% of all potential traffic is Organic Search. This goal can only be achieved through the 3 components of Local SEO: Google Profile Management, Online Listings, and a solid Backlink Profile. Of course, having an SEO-ready website is essential for this.

All of the other stuff (PPC advertising, social networks, etc.) should be done once your local SEO has started! We, at DenGradel, performs all of this too, but in the appropriate order. 

What’s included in our Local SEO?

google profile management is the most important for your local seo

google profile management

When your profile is properly completed, your are 5.0 (or near it) rated, most of your customers (and not only they) leave their positive reviews automatically and you are more visible on Google Map than your competitors.

online listings is also important for local seo

online listings

Besides Google, there are many other places you must be: review sites, industry-specific catalogs, and so on. And shouldn’t only be there, but have positive reviews and up-to-date information. All this positively impacts SEO and gives trust to your business.

backlinks profile is a must-have thing for any SEO

backlinks profile

This refers to links on other websites pointing to your website. They are an essential part of every SEO strategy, no website can dominate search rankings without a robust backlinks profile. Month after month we grow the profile, making your website more strong for Google. 

Marketing Strategy is like a chess game with its own rules

current SEO

We control current indicators – traffic, search ranks, leads. “Tweak” optimization – adjusting texts, tags, headings. Do technical stuff – working with errors, indexing, SEO markup, etc. 

our 2nd plan, the fastest leads

2. google and facebook ads

That is what everyone thinks when the term “internet marketing” comes to mind. This is known as PPC (pay-per-click) advertising or “Display” advertising, and it can be an excellent complement to Local SEO, increasing its effectiveness.

However, it can be used as a standalone plan for businesses looking for leads right now. That is, without a question, the quickest way to generate leads/sales, but it is also the most expensive in terms of CPL (cost-per-lead), because you simply purchase them!

When PPC is properly managed, the CPL decreases month after month, resulting in an improvement in ROI. If you decide to go PPC, you should budget for a few months (at least 90 days) to receive the best effects.

our 3rd plan

3. social media marketing

We don’t discuss “Customer Journey Map” or other meaningless concepts for small firms. If you own a business, you probably already know who your customers are! When it comes to social media, all you need is content and the knowledge to promote it efficiently.

That is where we can assist you: we create content and make it visible to your potential clients.

Content is a king in social media marketing
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Guys at DenGradel (specifically Den) are fantastic; we've finally found what we were looking for! We had previously purchased Google Ads with several freelancers, but were dissatisfied with the results (we didn't even comprehend what criteria we should use).

Jonhatann Green
Manhattan Real Estate

On our first contact, Den explained how to get traffic for my roofing business in plain English, without any marketing lingo.

David Weber
Top Notch Roofing

Outstanding! Since I began using DenGradel for my marketing, my cash flow has improved by 35%!

Brian Davies
Davies Building Maintenance, LLC|

Den and his team have increased our sales with Local SEO without using PPC. They ranked us third on Google in my district in half a year.

Josh Smith
Plumbing & HVAC Company

SEO/Marketing pricing

local seo $790

the best ROI plan

  • Google Profile Management
  • Listings Management
  • Online Reviews
  • Reputation
  • Link Building
  • SEO Outreach
  • Keywords Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Schema Optimisation
  • Voice SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Meta tag Optimisation
  • Internal Linking Optimisation
  • Content Optimisation
  • Mobile Optimisation
  • Media Optimisation (Images, etc.)
  • SEO Monitoring
  • Reporting (KPIs and metrics)


local seo + PPC: $1450

the fastest leads

All from Local SEO, Plus:

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Ads Optimisation

local seo + ppc + social media: $1950

you are everywhere online

All from Local SEO and PPC, plus:

  • Facebook Management
  • Linkedin Management
  • X (Twitter) Management
  • Content Promotion
  • Optimisation
  • Youtube, IG, TikTok (for these social media video content is required)

why your seo marketing agency over others?

1. Personal and informal approach. There is no need to “submit a support ticket” or any other formalities. Simply text us on the fly via Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp. At the same time, the highest levels of security and quality are ensured.

2. Everything is included. We never charge a “hourly rate” or anything like that.

3. All-in-one. Besides SEO/Marketing, we will create the whole website design and will maintain the created website. 

4. 15 years in marketing.

Website Maintenance Services, all included

frequently asked questions

what plan should I go with to begin?

If you need leads for the long term (even years later), Local SEO is the way to go; it will provide you with the best ROI (return on investment). If you need leads as soon as possible, you can add other plans (PPC, social, etc.).

Local SEO: is the most cost-effective plan because it requires no investment other than our time.

Local SEO + PPC package: in addition to our price, it requires an advertising budget of at least $1,000 per month.

Local SEO + PPC + Social: costs a few hundred dollars more than the prior one.

when will I get the results?

Depends on your business, location, and budget. It is evident that promoting a real estate business in New York City takes far longer than promoting a plumbing service in a small Texas town. During our initial conversation/call, we will provide you with estimates for your specific business.

how to pay for your services?

That’s regular PayPal, bank cards or even crypto-currency (to be able to accept payments from any country).

ready to get started?

Set up a call with us to go over the specifics of your project.