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What's included in
the maintenance package?

In a nutshell. You run your business, we take care all other tech stuff to maintain your website, including its updates, hosting (which is included in the plan), backups, security and making the uptime monitoring. Also, we care about your site’s speed, which is crucial for SEO performance.   

We setup various tools in the site’s admin panel, making it’s easy to see the leads / traffic just there, no need to look for the required information in different places (Google Analytics, etc.). If you use a CRM, we make sure that leads get from that CRM to the website with no ditches.

If you need to change any information on the website (contacts, address, photos, etc), which is not required creation of new pages or functionality – we get you covered too! Just text or email us – and is done in 24 hours. 

Website maintenance 24/7

The plan in details

hosting included

Managing site on your own means paying for Hosting by yourself. Our maintenance plan includes the Hosting fee as well as all the tech issues related.

uptime monitoring

We’ll actively monitor your website’s uptime and take swift action if required. We’ll resolve the issue and give you peace of mind.

daily backups

Your website is backed daily to ensure if anything were to ever go wrong, we can fix it by deploying a backed up version of your website in minutes.

saving money

Paying someone familiar with a website dramatically reduces the costs of its editing and adding new features. 

ongoing analytic

Setting up Google Analytics & Search Console right inside your site’s admin panel make it easier to know the current traffic and other essentials.

performance monitoring

We’ll monitor your website’s Google Page Speed Insight score and tune it with the best-in-class cache plugin installed on your server, to ensure your site is blazining fast.

website security

Enterprise-class security, protecting your website from hacks and malware (Wordfence Premium software is used).

unlimited bandwidth

Hosting with unlimited bandwidth means that a lots visitors can view a website at the same time, the site does not slow down.

unlimited storage

While there’s technically no such thing as entirely unlimited hosting, the limits are so high that they’re nearly impossible for users to reach.

why DenGradel over others?

Personal and informal approach. No any “submit a support ticket” and other formality. Just text us on the go on FB messenger or Whatsapp and that’s all. At the same time the highest level of security and quality is guaranteed.

Everything is included. We never charge “hourly rate” or something like that.

Website Maintenance Services, all included

Website Maintenance pricing

$190 per month

all is included


  • Hosting included
  • Daily backups
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Performance monitoring
  • Website security
  • Ongoing analytic
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited website edits
  • Text: Changes or additions
  • Photos: Removals, and additions
  • Pages: Add or remove content (using the current page design)
  • File downloads: Adding or removing documents
    Videos: Adding or removing a previously edited video

Bonus features:

  • The fastest LS Cache server
  • $1,000+ WordPress plugin licenses (you don’t need to pay for anything)

frequently asked questions

who will I contact to about my support items?

You will have your personal manager, the same person every time who you will contact if anything needed: by email, FB messenger or WhatsApp. No any no-name “support stuff”, only a real person with a real individual approach.

how fast do you reply to requests?

We will take care of any hosting-related problems immediately. We will see those problems once they appear, so you won’t even need to let us know. But, for all the regular (not so urgent) queries (add some information to your website, change photos, etc.) we will get back to you during 24 hours.

what is your pricing per hour?

Besides hosting, uptime monitoring and other tech-related stuff, all website edits are included as well:

– Text: Changes or additions.
– Photos: Removals, and additions.
– Pages: Using the current page design, add or remove content.
– Navigation: Simple navigational modifications (item addition, movement, or deletion).
– File downloads: Adding or removing documents, including PDFs.
– Videos: Adding or removing a previously edited video.
– Links: Updates and removals.
– Colour and background images: Modifications or substitutions.

So, you won’t have to pay for anything else.

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